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Horror Stories

Oct 31, 2023

Horror stories, or tales designed to evoke fear, dread, and unease have a long and diverse history that can be traced back to ancient times. 

At its core, a horror story is meant to invoke a feeling of terror to an audience.  And sadly, as business owners, I am quite sure you have your own share of horror stories that have at one point or another kept you up at night. 

During this week’s episode, we revisited a few of the horror stories we have witnessed over the years.  Surprisingly, the one lesson we kept returning to was the idea of trusting your gut as a business owner.  

Just like the main character of a horror novel, there are times and situations when things don’t add up.  The cash balance is off repeatedly.  The discounts are higher when one manager works.  Our inventory levels don’t make sense.  And while the rational voices in our heads may be telling us everything is fine, there is something in our gut telling us otherwise.

And this is the lesson of so many of our horror stories as owners.  For business owners who have been around for decades, it is the fine line of staying rational but listening to your gut that has gotten you through these terrifying times.  So many times we rely on software, technology, and our management team, when in reality as an owner we must make sure we are verifying the information is correct.  And ultimately, playing defense to the idea that lurking behind the corner there could be something there. 

We don’t want to be distrustful of our staff, team members, or business partners.  We also can’t be as naive as the victim of a horror story who hides in the bush rather than jumping in the get-away-car.

So as the leaves start to fall, and the ghosts swirl around our neighborhoods tonight, it can be a good time to look at your own scary moments. And to ultimately learn to trust your gut as an owner to have the courage to question when things just don’t seem to add up. 

Afterall ...

 "When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls... Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still, that is the time when ghosts are practicing their terror with ghoulish delight." - The Ghost Host (Disney Haunted Mansion)

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