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Are You Ready To ACCELERATE?

Sep 25, 2023

Are you ready to accelerate? 

This isn’t an easy question.  In many ways it actually may be a harder question than if you were ready to start your business in the first place.  Chances are if you are reading this you already have a business.  Probably, a good business. A business that is worth SOMETHING.  But deep down inside, we don’t yet have the business of our dreams. 

And here lies the problem.  We are comfortable where we are.  But we KNOW deep down we could have more.  And that isn’t a bad thing.  But deep down inside lies the real dream.  The dream we are afraid to say out loud because it might sound too crazy.  Too big.  

And yet.  It is there. 

But I believe the dream is closer than we realize.  That it all starts with committing to the vision we KNOW is possible.  

The question isn’t if we are ready. The question is WHEN will we be ready to accelerate? 

I would argue that the answer has very little to do with the outside environment.  Afterall, how many businesses do we know that actually grew during the Covid-19 pandemic?  The answer might surprise you.  At a time when so many business owners were sitting on the sideline.  There were some that refused to slow down.  Refused to wait for tomorrow.  Refused to back down. 

Which means that if growth was possible in 2020, we can’t sit back and wait for a perfect time or perfect economic environment. 

Our decision to accelerate isn’t based on the outside world.  It is a commitment that starts and ends with us.  We have to make the decision NOW that we are going to stop waiting.  We are going to commit to an accelerator mindset in our business starting TODAY: 

Here are three key factors that we must embrace as accelerators:   

  1.  You are ready to embrace Challenges: If we want to get to the next level, we KNOW there will be bumps in the road.  The question is if we are ready.  Are we prepared for the 12 - 24 months it will take of hard work and maximum effort in order to have an accelerated business on the other side?  Making the commitment to accelerate means we are ready to view challenges and obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow. We are prepared for the difficult tasks and are committed to facing setbacks as part of our longer-term accelerator growth path.  Afterall, Jeff Bezos the founder of amazon may be on a yacht today, but it took him decades to get amazon out of his basement and to a publicly traded company.
  2. Persistence: Being resilient is a key indicator that you are ready for exponential growth.  The path you see today may be part of the journey, but there may be opportunities we don’t even see yet that become part of our story.  Afterall, Starbucks was once just an independent coffee company.  And now it sells bottled beverages to retailer all over the world.  It is still part of their same product, but only through persistence can we find the many different revenue streams needed for exponential growth.  
  3. Learning from Failure: The truth is that failure happens everyday.  We have a plan, we execute as best as we can, and ultimately we learn from the things that didn’t work.  The truth is that there is no growth without failure.  Ultimately, if we embrace failure in our culture and commit to learning from our shortcomings daily, failure can become a stepping stone to success.

Regardless of where you are in your business, I believe now is the time to commit to being the accelerator that WILL turn your vision into reality.

Above all, we must see these qualities as talents that can be developed.  And starting today, we are going to work to build the accelerator mindset into our daily life so that we can drive our business forward TODAY.

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